Nazarene Scholarship

  • The Nazarene Scholarship Fund has been established in honor of Iraqi Christians who have been martyred or exiled and had the Arabic letter N (for Nazarene) marked on their houses or businesses.


  • The Nazarene Scholarship Fund will provide a tuition-free Catholic high school education at St. Catherine of Siena Academy for Christian girls who have recently fled the violence in Iraq.


  • The educational program at St. Catherine’s is centered on Christ and rooted in St. John Paul II’s teachings on the “feminine genius” and the dignity of women.


  • Your gift of $10,000 will provide a full scholarship for one year, including tuition, uniform, books, activities, and transportation.


  • Please make a generous gift today to help provide scholarships for Christian girls from Iraq. Every gift makes a difference! 




Thank you for your generous gift to help Iraqi girls.  God bless you and your families!

"If you are what you should you be, you will set the whole world ablaze!"-St. Catherine of Siena