In Fiamme

We present In Fiamme, a space where you will find daily prayers and meditations during the week, periodic writings from the faculty, and messages from the principal and president.

The name for our blog at SCA was chosen in honor of our patron, St. Catherine of Siena. The phrase, “In fiamme” is Italian for “ablaze” or “on fire.” Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” – St. Catherine of Siena […]

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Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

“Lord, give success to the work of our hands”
Psalm 90:17
We most notably celebrate and commemorate St. Joseph as the earthly father of Jesus and devoted husband to the Virgin Mary. We celebrate him on March 19 as the Patron Saint of the Universal Church. The May 1 feast extends Sr. Joseph’s protection to the laborer. […]

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Good Friday

Even amidst the treachery and events leading to the events of today, Christ does not think of himself in his final words, but asks God, His Father, to forgive and release us from our own suffering. Even through the most horrific abuses, physical and emotional, Jesus offered this remarkable prayer of generosity, for their sake and for ours. […]

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Mentoring Program

At St. Catherine of Siena Academy, we hope to be good role models for young girls to follow. In our mentoring program, we work hard to create healthy, authentic and trusting relationships with the young girls from Christ the King School in Northwest Detroit. Our STARS engage in activities that build relationships and share their gifts through mentoring. Through this program, we are growing in faith and love with our extended community. […]

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