Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid

Friday, May 8
Daily Meditation

“Do not be afraid; just have faith”  
~ Mark 5:36 

Coronavirus has created a time of uncertainty, fear, isolation, and illness. But our faith teaches us that there is light in the darkness. As Catholics and Christians, we can respond in unique ways with love, compassion and new ways of building community.  

How do we stay hopeful during these times? 

It has been particularly challenging to push through in a hope-filled way. Prevention and social distancing are good (and necessary and important) measures, but they come from a place of lacking – Don’t go to the park. Cancel the meeting. Avoid huge crowds and gatherings.  

The alternative is to live with faith, not fear. Living a Gospel life means reflecting on what pulls us through, not what holds us back.  

Those four words, “Do not be afraid,” are spoken and referenced countless times throughout scripture. We should pay attention to them. Fear can paralyze us and lead us into many forms of foolish thinking and acting, or not acting rationally. Fear does not allow a person to stay calm, remain focused, and think clearly. Fear must give way to faith and trust in God. 
Place all worry and fear into God’s hands and trust. Trust that God is all-powerful and capable of handling every situation. He may not change things the way you think they should be changed, but He will lift your burden and enable you to move forward without the fear that can easily paralyze and confuse you.  Do not let fear dominate your life.  Trust in God and let that trust transform you.