Easter Friday

Friday, April 17

Easter Octave

Daily Meditation

Thank you for this covenant of reconciliation! 

The Lord Jesus reveals himself to each of us  
as we open our hearts to hear his word.  
Do you recognize the Lord’s presence in your life  
and do you accept his word with faith and trust? 

May you keep your focus always on the Risen Lord Jesus  
and may that empower you to live out your call to be  
His servants and ministers of good news to others. 

Let us Pray 
Lord Jesus,  
You are the Resurrection and the Life.  
Increase my faith in the power of your resurrection
and in the truth that you are truly alive!  
May I never doubt your life-giving word  
nor stray from your presence. 

Reference: https://onlineministries.creighton.edu/CollaborativeMinistry/Lent/e-week-1.html#fri