Easter Monday

Monday, April 13

Easter Octave

Daily Meditation
Are you prepared to meet the Risen Lord?
The disciples were as unprepared for his resurrection as they were for his death. The empty tomb made them fearful, yet joyful, at the same time. “Where did they put the body?” Or, “Did he really rise just as he predicted?” Even though Jesus had spoken to them before of his death and rising, they could not believe until they saw the empty tomb and met the risen Lord.
Aren’t we the same? We want to see with our own eyes before we believe! What is the basis of our faith in the resurrection? Through the gift of faith, the Lord reveals himself to those who believe in his word and he fills them with “new life in his Holy Spirit”.

Do you live in the joy and hope of the resurrection? And do you recognize the presence of the Risen Lord in his word, in the “breaking of the bread”, and in his church, the body of Christ?

Let us Pray,
Loving God,
During this sacred and joyful octave of Easter, we ask for you to strengthen and protect those suffering from illness. Comfort and guide those who heal the sick and suffering.
May we always live in the joy and hope of the resurrection
and never lose sight of its truth for our lives.
(taken from MobileGabriel.com)