Easter Tuesday

Tuesday, April 14

Easter Octave

Daily Meditation 
“I have seen the Lord!” 
Mary Magdalene’s message to the disciples is the very essence of Christianity. We seek to know the Lord personally, to meet him. In the resurrection we encounter the living Lord Jesus who loves us personally and shares his glory with us. Like Mary, we must stay present to difficult situations. Like Mary, we must bear witness that Christ is alive! 

During this Easter season, this time of transformation, here are some questions upon which to reflect, using new eyes and broadening our understanding of what God is capable of… 

  • When have you heard your name being called, like Mary Magdalene, in the midst of desolation, confusion, and despair? 
  • When have you noticed grade, even in small ways, and then have been tempted to dismiss or downplay it as something else? 
  • When have you been tempted to run away? 
  • When have you been invited to witness God’s amazing work in our lives? 
  • How do I share the ways God is present to me, with others? 

Let us Pray 
Gracious and loving God,  
I feel your healing touch in deep in my soul. 
I sense the power of Easter in your love for me. 
It is the power of your love that frees me. 
I am filled with joy at the many gifts you give me. 
Let me now celebrate your love  
and share it with others. 

Reference: https://onlineministries.creighton.edu/CollaborativeMinistry/041320.html