May Crowning

May Crowning

Wednesday, May 20 
Daily Reflection

May is an exciting month, to be sure. In part, because the school year is nearly over, but also because of the special Marian devotions throughout the month. The May Crowning is one of those devotions, and perhaps the most special. The May Crowning marks a new spiritual season. Our Mary, queen of heaven and earth, lifts us right out of the last long, cold days of winter and firmly planted our hearts in the warm and promising soil of spring.  

Through our upbringing in the church, we are brought Mary, and Mary brings us her Son. She provides us with a maternal, nurturing, and safe embrace from heaven. It is her feminine presence and the safety of her motherhood that helps us to grow. Our hearts are filled with love for our mother in heaven and bring us to understand that Mary brings us to Jesus. Mary teaches us what it means to pray and ponder over the events that we need to sort out. Through Mary, Jesus is brought to us. 

At St. Catherine, the May Crowning is held in high regard and it was important that this event occur this spring.  With the restrictions placed on us this spring, once we had an opportunity, the May Crowning was scheduled. Today, Wednesday, May 20, is the day. While the chapel will look different, and all their sisters will not be present to pray with them, the students in Mary’s Court honor our Mother in heaven through prayer and song. The students in Mary’s Court are elected by their sisters based upon their imitation of Mary in the following virtues: humility, faith, obedience, prayer, self-denial, purity, love, patience, kindness, and wisdom. 

Compiled from reflections by Elizabeth Kelly 
and Mary Jo Dangel 

Let us Pray 
Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Gracious Lord,  
with love and devotion, we honor the holy Mother of God.  
May she continue to intercede for us  
with Jesus Christ, her Son, now and forever.