My Peace I Give You

My Peace I Give You

Tuesday, May 12
Daily Meditation

In his farewell discourse, Jesus grants peace as his gift to his disciples. The peace of Christ includes everything which makes for our highest good. Jesus offers the peace which conquers our fears and anxieties. Nothing can take us from the peace and joy of Jesus Christ. 

Caesarius of Arles (470-542 AD), an early church bishop was known for his wisdom and preaching the Gospel, linked peace with the character of Christ and the Christlike virtues which help us to grow as disciples of Jesus. Caesarius describes some of the key character traits (virtues) which form us into true people of peace: 

Peace, indeed, is serenity of mind, tranquility of soul, simplicity of heart, the bond of love, the fellowship of charity. It removes hatred, settles, wars, restrains wrath, tramples on pride, loves the humble, pacifies the discordant and makes enemies agree. For it is pleasing to everyone. It does not seek what belongs to another or consider anything as its own. It teaches people to love because it does not know how to get angry, or to extol itself or become inflated with pride. It is meek and humble to everyone, possessing rest and tranquility within itself. When the peace of Christ is exercised by a Christian, it is brought to perfection by Christ. If anyone loves it, he will be an heir of God, while anyone who despises it rebels against Christ. 

“When our Lord Jesus Christ was returning to the Father, he left his peace to his followers as their inherited good, teaching them and saying, ‘My peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you.’ Anyone who has received this peace should keep it, and one who has destroyed it should look for it, while anyone who has lost it should seek it. For if anyone is not found with it, he will be disinherited by the Father and deprived of his inheritance.” (Sermon 174.1) 

Let us Pray 
Lord Jesus, 
May your peace be always with me.  
May no troubling thought, trial or affliction  rob me
of the peace which passes all understanding. 
You, alone, O Lord, are my Peace 
May I always reside in that peace by believing  
in your word and by doing your will.