St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

The Feast Day of Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ

“Lord, You alone are the Center in which I find rest. Give me Your arm to support me, Your shoulders to carry me, Your breast to lean upon, Your Cross to uphold me, Your Body to nourish me. In You, Lord, I sleep and rest in peace.”
~ Philippine Duchesne

 St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, whose Feast Day we celebrate today in honor of the anniversary of her death on November 18, 1852, at the age of 83, was a woman of courage, confidence, compassion, and conviction. Philippine used these virtues throughout her life to aid her in following her heart. She was raised during the French Revolution and remained steadfast in her desire to travel to America with the singular focus of educating the Native Americans.

Philippine Duchesne, a woman strong in faith, full of vision, and filled with courage, gave her life to the service of others. She was not a woman who sat quietly sealed away from the world in prayer – though the Potawatomi children referred to her “As the Woman who Prays Always”. She fed the hungry, cared for the sick, educated the young, brought the message of God to those ready to receive it, and met the needs of others before her own.

I grew to know Rose Philippine Duchesne many years ago and heard her story told countless times, each time taking something new away with me. This year, Philippine, this woman of courage and compassion, reminds me that we are not alone and that through Christ, we will come through these times #StrongerTogether.

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, pray for us!
– Judith Hehs, Principal of St. Catherine of Siena Academy

Novena of Confidence
Lord Jesus,
Through the intercession of St. Philippine Duchesne to your Sacred Heart, I confide and place my trust in you.
Only look. Then do what your Heart inspires. Let your Heart decide. I count on it. I trust in it. I throw myself on its mercy.
Lord Jesus,
You will not fail me!