Wednesday, April 22

Wednesday, April 22

Daily Meditation 

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.
John 3:16 

The world around us prefers darkness to the light. 
We choose the light and its life. 
We reflect today on how we can better shun the darkness and 
“come to the light,” in concrete ways in our life. 
With the resurrection, we have new hope, and we live blessed by his mercy. 
We are the poor whose cry he has heard. 
And, in our joy we share this good news with those suffering in the darkness. 

God proved his love for us by giving us the best he had to offer – his only begotten Son, who freely gave himself as an offering to God for our sake and as the atoning sacrifice for our sin and the sin of the world.  
This passage in the Gospel of John shows us the depth of God’s love. His demonstrated love is not just for a few people, but a redemptive love that embraces the whole world, and a personal love for each and every person whom God has created. St. Augustine says, “God loves each one of us as if there were only one of us to love.” We have been given the freedom by God to choose whom and what we will love.  

We can choose to love the darkness of sin or we can love the light of God’s truth, beauty, and goodness. If our love is guided by what is true and good and beautiful, then we will choose God. What we love shows what we prefer. 

Do you love God above all else? Does he take first place in your life, in your thoughts, and in your actions? 

And we Pray 
God of Light,  
You came to share your presence 
and call us into the light of the world. 
May your love consume and transform my life  
that I may desire you above all else.  
Help me to love what you love,  
to desire what you desire,  
and to reject what you reject. 

Image credit: James Coleman