Principal for the Day

Principal for the Day!

October 13, 2022

SCA celebrated a new principal today! Sophomore Brynn Mistry, whose parents earned this privilege at last year’s Gala, was busy making decisions, sitting in a meeting, and dining with her leadership team.

Her day began as she joined Dean of Students Dan Bumpus in greeting students as they arrived to school. For the handful of students arriving late to school, Principal Mistry excused morning tardies. She had previously granted a dress down day for her day as principal.

Her first meeting of the day was with President, Lia Johnston who outlined the project details for the Wellness Center, scheduled to open in February 2023. At lunch with her leadership team, Principal Mistry pointed out that the layout and design of the space was great, especially the giant SCA Star logo on the floor of the room. Both she and the members of her team were enthusiastic about curricular opportunities during PE Class and the chance for athletic teams to use the space both during preseason training and in-season conditioning.

In her parting message to the students and faculty, Principal Mistry granted an early dismissal Friday, October 14 and a Principal’s Day off on Monday, November 28, extending the Thanksgiving holiday weekend by one day!
Congratulations to Brynn on a day and a position well spent, and thank you to her parents for their support of SCA.