St. Catherine’s curriculum is college-preparatory and aligned to rigorous standards above and beyond the Common Core.  Our Theology Program aligns to the standards of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops.  Within each curricular area, teachers work to incorporate the art of rhetoric, critical thinking, and real-world application.  Students are taught using lecture, Socratic Method, project-based learning, and technology.

At SCA all students are required to complete 26.0 academic credits and 110 service hours to graduate.

  • 4.0 credits of English
  • 4.0 credits of Mathematics
  • 3.0 credits of Science
  • 3.0 credits of Social Studies
  • 4.0 credits of Catholic Theology
  • 2.0 credits of Latin
  • 1.0 credit of Philosophy
  • 1.0 credit of Physical Education
  • 1.0 credit of Visual/Performing/Applied Arts
  • 3.0 credits of additional electives

SCA Programs of Study 2019-2020


Foundations of Literature (Honors)
American Literature (Honors)
Women’s Studies in Literature
Contemporary Literature
College Research and Writing
AP English Language and Composition
AP Literature and Composition
Drama I
Drama II
Creative Writing
Exploring Poetry
Performing Arts
Newspaper and Journalism

Foreign Language

Foundations of Latin
Latin I
Foundations of Latin II
Latin II
Latin III
Latin IV

Physical Education

Personal Fitness
Physical Education
Team Sports


Algebra I
Algebra Concepts
Geometry (Honors)
Algebra 2 (Honors)
Pre-Calculus (Honors)
AP Calculus AB
AP Statistics
College Readiness Math

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
SAT Math Prep Course


Biology (Honors)
Chemistry (Honors)
Conceptual Chemistry
Physics/Physical Science
Conceptual Physics
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Physics C
Anatomy and Physiology
Biomedical Ethics
Environmental Science
Organic-Chemistry of Fuels and Foods
Forensic Science
Health Sciences Internship
Laboratory Skills
Independent Research in an Advanced Science Topic

Social Studies

World History (Honors)
United States History
AP United States History
AP United States Government and Politics
Law and Justice
Current Events
World Political Institutions


Theology 9: Faith and Reason
Theology 9: Person of Jesus
Theology 10: Church History
Theology 11 and 12: Moral Theology
Introduction to Philosophy
Sacred Scripture
Prayer and Discernment


Accounting Internship (Bookkeeping for St. Cate’s Corner)
Applied Computer Technology
Business Ethics/Business Law
Entrepreneurship/Intro to Business
Marketing I
Marketing II: Store Operation
Personal Finance


Ensemble Music

Visual & Applied Art

Digital Imaging & Communication
Studio Art
Drawing & Painting

Other Electives

Academic Seminar
Freshman Seminar
Online Learning Lab

SCA Programs Of Study

“SCA proves you can educate young women to both get into Heaven and Harvard!”

SCA Parent

“Another thing I enjoyed about the school was the athletics. I played four different sports at this school and I had the same experience with all of them. The coaches really cared about me, not just how well I was performing and I was treated respectfully on and off the court. Further more, I felt that I was really being pushed physically and mentally during practice which I value in any activity.”


“This high school experience is like none other you can get anywhere. There is joy and comradery and the girls are happy and excel. They are being supported and encouraged by staff. You can watch a girl come in who had a bad experience elsewhere, bloom here and become a different girl in a short time. Can’t say enough good about it. Thank God the founders had this vision and followed through with it. Well needed and we are very thankful!”

SCA Parent

“A crazy amount of extra curricular options-basically if you are passionate about it [SCA] will find a way to help you bring it to fruition!”


“[Teachers] care about the success of each student. They come early to help students and stay after school if necessary. They are a super dedicated faculty.”

SCA Parent

“This school has a very strong faith atmosphere! The school is fairly new, but is starting to build a name for itself both spiritually and academically. The faculty and staff rock!”

Student, Class of '19

“My family has had an excellent experience at this school so far. Beyond the beautiful new facility, I have been impressed with the teachers and the administration! They challenge the girls both academically and spiritually, they know them by name, and appear to have a genuine concern for each individual student. The school really feels like a family. As a parent, it is a blessing to me to know that my daughter is in such good hands when I drop her off everyday.”

SCA Parent

“My first day of freshman year was something I never expected, Saint Catherines just felt like home. The atmosphere, staff, and the student body were all so amazing. I knew from the second I came to the school that it was where I was meant to be. I am currently a senior and my experience so far has been one too remember I have grown mentally, physically, spiritually and my journey has been one to remember. I love Saint Catherine of Siena and all the girls I have met are truly going to be my sisters throughout my life, its an amazing school and is a place I will call home forever.”

Alumna, Class of '18

“An excellent school that brings the girls together more like sisters rather than friends.”


“I have been very impressed with the teachers at this school. They both challenge the girls academically and show true concern for them on a personal level as well.”

SCA Parent

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