Summer Camps

Each summer here at SCA we host a variety of camps designed with future STARS in mind. Camps offered cover athletics, arts, science, and more. See our full camp line up for summer 2019 below!

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View or print our camps flyer here: Summer Camps Flyer 2019

There are still spots available in many of our camps! Unless a camp says “sold out,” we are still accepting registrations. 

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BASKETBALL  June 17-19 (3-day camp). 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Rising 3-9th Graders. Come join SCA’s varsity basketball coaches and players for a fun and exciting three-day basketball camp. Campers will have the opportunity to improve their individual skills, such as ball handling, dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, screening, and much more! Young athletes will also have the chance to practice those individual skills in scrimmage games. A positive, fun environment will ensure for a great time by all! SCA Basketball Titles – CHSL Finalists: 2019. CHSL Division Champs: 2014, 2015. District Champs: 2018. Cost: $85, includes t-shirt.

 ADVENTURES WITH ART  June 18-20 (3-day camp). 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Rising 5-9th Graders. This three-day creative adventure emphasizes exploration across a variety of artistic media. Each day campers will tackle a variety of take-home projects, including sun prints, jewelry making, collaging, basketry, origami, and more. Geared toward both budding artists and the creatively curious, this camp offers a hands-on opportunity to delve into the imaginative, innovative joys of art. Cost: $85, includes t-shirt and all supplies. Campers bring a bagged lunch.

EVERYDAY COOKING (2-day camp). June 18-19, 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. OR July 22-23, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Rising 5-9th Graders. This hands-on kitchen workshop will give young cooks the confidence to prepare a variety of simple, from-scratch recipes at home for their families. The camp begins with an overview of kitchen safety, knife skills, and mastering the French art of mise en place. Chefs will then perfect the various ways to cook an egg (including flawless omelets) and learn simple savory sauces that can be the canvas for a variety of fun or fancy meals. Campers will create the perfect mac and cheese, learn spice pairings, make homemade salad dressings, and master different ways to cook meats. Emphasizing both foundational mastery and the joys of kitchen creativity, this camp will pave the way for a lifelong love of cooking! Cost: $85, includes t-shirt and all ingredients and supplies. Space limited! Only 10 spots available per session!

INTERNATIONAL CUISINE (2-day camp). June 20-21, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. OR  July 24-25, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Rising 5-9th Graders. The perfect collision of geography and gastronomy, this camp is geared toward young chefs eager to learn how to prepare a variety of culinary dishes from around the globe. Campers will learn playful spice pairings as well as the fundamental flavor bases unique to different cultures: from the Creole mirepoix to the Italian soffritto. By the end of this culinary adventure, young cooks will come away with an expanded palette, increased global awareness, and hands-on experience making pizza, meat pies, rice, and noodles all different ways! Cost: $85,includes t-shirt and all ingredients and supplies. Space limited! Only 10 spots available per session!

BUDDING BAKERS: BEGINNER BAKING (2-day camp). June 24-25, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. OR July 30-31, 1 – 4 p.m.

Rising 5-7th Graders. This exciting two-day camp will foster a passion for baking and increase knowledge of many skills. The experience will teach participants the basics of baking homemade confections from start to finish. Campers will learn to bake cupcakes from scratch, frost artistically with piping tips, and prepare and bake delicious homemade fruit pies. Each participant will receive a folder with recipes and tips, as well as samples to take home to their families. Cost: $85, includes t-shirt and all ingredients and supplies.

CONFECTION CONNOISSEURS: ADVANCED BAKING (2-day camp). June 24-25, 1 – 4 p.m. OR July 30-31, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Rising 7-9th Graders.This fun-packed two-day camp will foster a passion for baking and increase knowledge of many kitchen skills. The experience will provide participants with the confidence necessary to create homemade confections from start to finish. Campers will learn to bake eclair cupcakes from scratch, create fillings, frost artistically with piping tips, and bake elegant French macarons. Each participant will receive a folder with recipes and tips, as well as samples to take home to their families. Cost: Cost: $85, includes t-shirt and all ingredients and supplies.

FIELD HOCKEY  June 24-26 (3-day evening camp). 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.  

Rising 5-9th Graders. For both beginner and advanced players, this camp provides the opportunity to learn, improve, and practice field hockey techniques under the guidance of SCA varsity coaches and athletes. Emphasis will be given to specific skill mastery, such as dribbling and passing. Campers will also participate in conditioning, small games, and scrimmages. SCA Field Hockey Titles – CHSL Champs: 2018, MHSAA Division 2 Champs: 2018,  State Champ Runner-Up: 2018.  Cost: $75, includes t-shirt. Campers should bring: mouth guard, shin guards, field hockey stick (if they have one), and athletic shoes or soccer cleats.

TENNIS   June 27 (1-day camp). 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.  

Rising 5-9th Graders. Whether you’re new to tennis or a seasoned pro, all that is required for this camp is a love of the sport and desire to improve your game! Beginners will learn the fundamentals of groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, and serves, how to keep score, footwork, where to stand on the court, and the importance of conditioning. Experienced players will be coached on how to improve groundstrokes, net play, serve technique, footwork, positioning, and court coverage. All levels will be taught using a combination of detailed teaching and fun drill-games. Campers will train with current SCA players and coaching staff as they improve skill and gain confidence! SCA Tennis Titles – CHSL Champs: 2018, State Qualifiers: 2018. **This camp is held at Detroit Catholic Central’s tennis courts** Cost: $30, includes t-shirt.  Campers bring a bagged lunch.

CHEER  June 28 (1-day camp). 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Rising 5-9th Graders. Take your cheer skills to the next level! Come practice with current SCA competitive cheer coaches and athletes in the this dynamic camp. Participants will learn to perfect routines by improving tumbling, jumps, and choreography. Get ready for a fun, challenging, and spirited experience!  SCA Competitive Cheer Titles – CHSL Champs: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Cost: $35, includes t-shirt. Campers bring a bagged lunch.


  • July 15-16 (2-day camp for rising 4-6th graders). 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • July 17-18 (2-day camp for rising 7-9th graders). 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Join current SCA volleyball players and coaching staff for a fun and intensive skills camp aimed at improving serving, passing/defense, attacking, and game play. Not only are group drills stressed, but time is also spent on individual work with the coaches. Come prepared to work hard, learn a lot, make new friends, and have fun! SCA Volleyball Titles – MHSAA Final Four: 2017. Regional Champs: 2017, 2018. District Champs: 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018. Cost: $80, includes t-shirt. 

DRAMA  June 26-28 (3-day camp). 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

(Parent Presentation: Friday, June 28th at 1:00)

Rising 5-9th Graders. **This camp is for boys and girls.** St. Catherine of Siena Academy invites you to come spend some time on our stage this summer … there is something for everyone! At Drama Camp, for three days, participants will work with SCA Drama students and their director, Mrs. Kara. Camp will consist of drama games, pantomime work, script reading/performance, some singing and a dance lesson. It will all culminate in a presentation for the parents on our final day together. Cost: $85, includes t-shirt and all supplies. Campers bring a bagged lunch.

STEM EXPLORATION  July 30 – Aug. 1 (3-day camp). 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Rising 5-9th Graders. Join members of the SCA Constellations for a three-day science and technology camp that’s out of this world! This hands-on camp allows young engineers to explore clean energy, programming, and engineering principles with our award-winning robotics team. Campers will be paired in groups to build their own hydrogen-cell powered car to race and test against other groups. Participants will also have the opportunity to see the Constellations’ competition robot in action! Cost: $85, includes t-shirt, all materials and supplies. Campers bring a bagged lunch.

All camps except tennis are held at St. Catherine of Siena Academy: 28200 Napier Rd. Wixom, MI 48393. (Tennis is at Detroit Catholic Central High School: 27225 Wixom Rd, Novi, MI 48374.)

“I LOVE this school. The teachers are excellent. Because the students are so friendly, it’s easy to fit in and make friends even if you have had a tough time at other schools. There is virtually no bullying and it is a very friendly, positive environment. Highly recommended.”

Alumna, Class of '17

“Another thing I enjoyed about the school was the athletics. I played four different sports at this school and I had the same experience with all of them. The coaches really cared about me, not just how well I was performing and I was treated respectfully on and off the court. Further more, I felt that I was really being pushed physically and mentally during practice which I value in any activity.”


“Beautiful school!”


“Recently attended an event at this school – very beautiful!”


“SCA is authentically and unapologetically Catholic. It’s excellence in academics and athletics is rooted in its mission to pass on the beauty of the Catholic faith in a way that is relevant to the modern world. The result is a constant focus on the character and virtue of its students, challenging them to be the best version of themselves not just academically, but spiritually as well.”

SCA Parent

“This high school experience is like none other you can get anywhere. There is joy and comradery and the girls are happy and excel. They are being supported and encouraged by staff. You can watch a girl come in who had a bad experience elsewhere, bloom here and become a different girl in a short time. Can’t say enough good about it. Thank God the founders had this vision and followed through with it. Well needed and we are very thankful!”

SCA Parent

“I have been very impressed with the teachers at this school. They both challenge the girls academically and show true concern for them on a personal level as well.”

SCA Parent

“SCA proves you can educate young women to both get into Heaven and Harvard!”

SCA Parent

“As a graduate of this school, I can attest to not only the strong education I received from SCA but also the strong foundation I was given in which I could build my own faith upon. I felt fully prepared for the ‘real world’ both academically and spiritually.” 


“Karen Ervin is a remarkable principal! She is a good administrator, but even more importantly, she is an excellent role model for the students. She is strong, confident, and a woman of tremendous virtue. She is unafraid and doing everything in her power to raise strong, Catholic women who will go out and ‘set the world ablaze’!”

SCA Parent

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