About your SCA President

The Path to US Citizenship

“Where is your favorite place to live?”

This was the question asked by our Juniors and Seniors in their Civics and AP US Government classes to SCA President, Lia Johnston. Her answer, after living on 4 continents and attending 13 different schools, is the USA.

In addition to discussing the process of how she became a US Citizen through the process of naturalization, Mrs. Johnston shared her family’s personal story with the students and expounded on the difficulties and challenges her family faced leaving a country in haste during a civil war. She feels blessed to be a citizen of the US because many of the governments she lived under prior to coming to the United States included Socialism, Military Regime, and even Dictatorships. She told the students that the USA is a blessing, and she is privileged to live here.

At the age of 15 she entered high school looking very different and not speaking fluent English. She was the ‘new, different girl’ in every way. This is why the Sisterhood is so important to her at SCA. We all have different backgrounds, but we remain open to accepting and loving every student in our Sisterhood.