Advent Service Project

Class of 2024 Advent Service Project

December 9, 2020

As an Advent service project (and before the mandatory “Pause” hit high schools), the Freshman Class Council had identified local need to which they could respond. They paired with Community Sharing, a charitable organization that provides food and financial support for families in need living in the Huron Valley School District in Oakland County. When the students found themselves at home, the council shifted gears a bit, but still managed to keep the integrity of the project alive.

On December 9, more than half of the 70 freshmen met over ZOOM for a “virtual service project.” Each freshman bought grocery items for a “pancake Christmas breakfast” (pancake mix, chocolate chips, candy canes, syrup, measuring cup and spatula) which were placed in an artfully decorated grocery bag which would then be used to distribute the bags.

The beauty of the project was that while the collection wasn’t done together, the bags were decorated while the students were on ZOOM. The bags were dropped off at SCA and on Friday the council members met at school to load to load up the bags for distribution with a member of Community Sharing – who just happens to be Hannah Buttacavoli’s grandmother!  Thank you, Grandma!

Thank you to the Freshman Class Council and all the freshmen and parents who made this service event possible!