COVID-19 Tips from Nurse Mason #12

COVID-19 Tips & Updates from Nurse Mason

December 14, 2020

Merry Christmas SCA Families!!  It is such a special time of year – don’t forget to take the time to just enjoy it.  Looking back on the year, I’m so thankful for the extra time I have had with my kids and husband.  My kids are growing up too fast and I keep trying to slow things down but they just keep growing. Although it’s been a lot of time at home, I would have never had all this time with them during our “normal life”.  I also would have never applied for this job in “normal life” and would have missed out on meeting some pretty amazing people. 2020 has been a CRAZY year but I’m sure there is something that you can look back on and be thankful for.   

Mental health is a big concern this winter. Looking for things we are thankful for helps our mindset to be positive. However, it’s not always that easy. Make sure you are looking out for your kids and asking every once in a while if they are doing ok. Sometimes kids are very good at hiding their feelings but when you ask them directly, they might be willing to share. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you aren’t feeling good mentally but know that there is help out there. I’m happy to help anyone who might need some direction to find that help. These next several months we really need to look out for each other. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine coming out this week, but we aren’t there yet. Please still be diligent in wearing your mask, washing your hands, and not having or attending large gatherings. I heard a statistic that around 70% of positive COVID-19 cases come from social gatherings. Let’s do our part and stick with the mitigation factors that have been proven to work. This Christmas will be a little quieter, but it will just make next Christmas that much more special. Over the next several weeks I will be attending some webinars on the various vaccines and will be sure to share what I learn with you next year!  For now, here’s a link to 8 things the CDC would like you to know about the vaccine:  COVID-19 Vaccine 8 things to know 

See you next year! Until then have a very Merry Christmas and praying for a healthy New Year!! 

Caroline Mason, M.Ed, BSN, RN 
Oakland County School Nurse 


Nurse Mason is an Oakland County Health Department nurse assigned to St. Catherine of Siena Academy to help us keep our STARS and their families informed and safe this year.

Caroline Mason, M.Ed, BSN, RN
Oakland County School Nurse