Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program at St. Catherine Academy

At St. Catherine of Siena Academy, we hope to be good role models for young girls to follow. In our mentoring program, we work hard to create healthy, authentic and trusting relationships with the young girls from Christ the King School in Northwest Detroit. Our STARS engage in activities that build relationships and share their gifts through mentoring. Through this program, we are growing in faith and love with our extended community.

SCA students meet with the elementary students from CTK approximately once a month.

This mentorship opportunity has been a blessing this year. I am so grateful for the short time we have spent with the young girls at Christ the King School and I look forward to continuing this program and spending more time with them! I loved the immediate connection I made with the young girls and how we can easily bond and have a good time learning and having fun!

Clare Gulowski

The biggest lesson I have learned from mentoring the students from Christ the King is the importance of guiding girls from a young age. It is easy to detect the potential of these girls to achieve great things in life. I relay advice to the eighth graders about beginning high school. One of my duties as a mentor is to stress the importance of goals and sticking with them. These girls have unmatched confidence and warmth. I have immediately grown a connection with each girl I meet and look forward to visiting them every time. I hope to continue a program like this beyond St. Catherine of Siena Academy and into college because it has had such a positive impact on my life as a mentor.

Colette Orlowski

Dr. Laura Lovasz started the mentoring program at St. Catherine of Siena Academy in 2020. She has over 29 years in education and 8 years teaching English at SCA. Dr. Lovasz has a BA in English from the University of Michigan, and a Masters and Ph.D. from Indiana University.