National Honor Society, Induction Ceremony, April 2022

National Honor Society, Induction Ceremony

April 28, 2022

Character – Scholarship – Leadership – Service

Last Thursday evening we held SCA’s first official NHS induction ceremony (separated out from Honors Night). The juniors (Class of 2023) were inducted and challenged to reach beyond the status quo and the seniors (Class of 2022) were spoken of individually relative to their service to the community and beyond. It should be noted that the GPA for application to the NHS has been raised to 3.85. Our students are forging a new tradition at SCA!

NHS Officers

Thank you to our NHS Officers for their leadership throughout the year.

  • NHS President, Valerie Check
  • NHS Vice President, Piper Fraker
  • NHS Treasurer, Abby Hook
  • NHS Secretary, Saran Nimmagadda

NHS Class of 2022

Evelyn Addison
Natalie Alexander
Peyton Bennetts
Valerie Check
Shaelyn Cretu
Piper Fraker
Abbey Grose
Clare Gulowski
Abigail Hook
Sara Isgro

Marisa Kaji
Veronica Klawender
Olivia Leonardo
Saran Nimmagadda
Estela Nokaj
Emily Pfaff
Sarah Romain
Nadine Shoushanian
Emma Slotka
Caroline Trush

NHS Class of 2023

Olivia Apap
Angelina Arena
Hailey Baumann
Lillian Borek
Ava Camaj
Brenna Cavanaugh
Brigit Foley
Erin Fox
Ryan Getz
Kathryn Grewe
Megan Grose
Lauren Hattley
Luisa Hnatiuk

Judith Joseph
Caroline Kucera
Rachel Luomala
Rylie Madison
Sydney Marx
Mia Minniti
Grace Moote
Mia Morrone
Georgina Nafso
Margaret Newell
Elaina Starzacher
Rosemary VanBerkum
Lauren Weiss