COVID-19 Tips from Nurse Mason #1

Meet the School Nurse

September 8, 2020

Introducing our school nurse, Mrs. Caroline Mason, M.Ed, BSN, RN! She is able to join us through an Oakland County grant which provides every school, public and private, access to a registered nurse. 

Caroline is an Oakland County Health Department nurse assigned to Saint Catherine to assist with our transition back to learning this fall. She earned her BSN at the University of Cincinnati and her Masters in Education at Xavier University. She has 11 years of clinical experience as an RN at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. While at CCHMC she worked on the Neurology Unit caring for children with many different medical diagnoses including brain tumor resections, chronic migraines and seizure disorders. Since moving to Michigan, Caroline has been a stay at home mom with her three children. She has two boys in high school and a daughter in middle school. In her free time, she can usually be found watching a soccer game or cross country meet. Her family also enjoys hiking, biking and camping together. Caroline is looking forward to working with Saint Catherine this fall!

Caroline Mason, M.Ed, BSN, RN
Oakland County School Nurse

Caroline toured SCA last week and gave us two thumbs up for our preparation. She reviewed our website before coming for her visit and determined that she will be using and accessing our posted information about COVID-19  and the “return to school” in her work with area schools! We are grateful for Caroline’s assistance during this COVID-19 year.

COVID Corner #1

Ask an Oakland County Nurse
Q:  How long must a teacher/staff person or student be out of school if they test positive for COVID-19?
A:  A teacher/staff person or student that tests positive for COVID-19 should isolate at home.  The person may return to school after 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared AND they are 24 hours with no fever, not using fever reducing medications AND symptoms have improved.

Wellness Challenge for the Week
We cannot see or touch it, but stress is something that affects many people.  Stress increases blood pressure and quickens your heart rate in the short term. In the long term, stress affects the immune system, brain function and other organs.  In our current situation stress is all around us.  How we deal with stress is what makes a difference.  Kids can sense when we are stressed so this week’s challenge is to take a little time each day to “play” with your daughters.  Whether that means going for a bike ride, a hike, play a game or just sit and chat. Set aside time just to hang out.  Not only will it help your daughter see that fun can still happen, it will reduce some of your stress too!