Parable of the Finalists

Parable of the Finalists

A Modern-Day Parable by Isabella Robinson

Three beautiful, intelligent, and talented women were competing as finalists in a local scholarship pageant. The contest recognizes young women who demonstrate virtues of future leaders. In preparation for the final challenge, each finalist met with a seamstress for her final fitting before the big night. The next evening the finalists graced the stage in their gowns. Each contestant was asked the same question and given 8 seconds to respond, demonstrating why she was most deserving of the crown. The question was simple, “what is the name of the seamstress who fitted your gown?” The first two contestants could not answer having failed to ask her name because they were focused on themselves. The final contestant answered confidently, “Char, actually Charlene, but friends call her Char.” People matter to God. Treat them with dignity and respect. Humble yourself by putting others first and you will be lifted up.

I love the picture shown in the parable because it symbolizes reaching out to others and lifting them up. Humility is about putting others first as Jesus did. In today’s world, it is easy to become distracted with our own wants and desires. Humility and grace are always the better virtues and often lead to success throughout life.

– Bella Robinson

For the fifth year, Alliance Catholic Credit Union sponsored a scholarship contest for students planning to attend an AOD high school next year. The “Live It, Show It, Share It” scholarship contest invited students to submit a 150-word modern-day parable that illustrated a universal truth or moral lesson. 

Once again, not only are we proud to announce that SCA had a top ten finalist (we had three last year), but that junior Isabella Robinson was the Grand Prize, first place, winner, selected to receive a $6,000 scholarship. Noteworthy is that Bella’s “meme” was the second-place winner in last year’s competition. 

A representative from Alliance Catholic will be at SCA to award Bella her “check”, live on Wednesday, February 3 at 10:00 am on the @AODSchools Facebook page


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