Saint Gianna Molla, A Modern Day Wonder Woman

Saint Gianna Molla, A Modern Day Wonder Woman

An Essay by Emma Robinson

Being a Christian woman in the twenty first century is not popular or easy. It is not popular to consider Christ first in life and career decisions when the world tells you it is desirable for women to place their own needs first. Who can a girl look to for inspiration? Saint Gianna Beretta Molla – “Wonder Woman” in my book. The kind of lady I would want to spend a day with.

Saint Gianna would understand a fifteen-year-old girl. She chose the vocation of marriage when most other Saints I have come to know chose vocations within the Church. She was the kind of woman I want to be – a wife, mother, physician and Christian. A lay person who loved life and learning. She managed to do it all without sacrificing her faith, attending Mass, and receiving Communion daily until her death (www.saintgianna.org/stgainnaspath.htm/. Accessed 19 Nov 2021).

There are many questions I would ask Saint Gianna. The first question would be, “were you afraid of dying when you told doctors to save your baby’s life and not your own?” I wonder about her response.  What mother would not be afraid of the prospect of leaving their family and children? Saint Gianna had other children to care for and a husband she loved deeply. The decision could not have been easy. I believe Saint Gianna’s response can be anticipated by considering her faith, fortitude, and her own words. In a letter to her future husband Gianna wrote, “Love is the most beautiful sentiment that the Lord has put into the soul of men and women,” (https://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=6985. Accessed 19 Nov 2021).

Saint Gianna’s reply to my question would likely be – “No. Fear was not something I felt. I trust that everything that happens in our lives is a gift from God and that we are called to love, always, even when the sacrifice required is that of your own life. Love is the most beautiful sentiment the Lord gives to us, especially mothers, my decision was an act of love and faith.” (www.ncregister.com/news/the-daughter-of-a-saint-speaks-of-her-mothers-holiness . Accessed 19 Nov 2021).

For the sixth year, Alliance Catholic Credit Union sponsored a scholarship contest for students planning to attend an AOD high school next year. The “Live It, Show It, Share It” scholarship contest asked students to write and submit a short response to the following prompt: If you were able to hang out with any saint in history, who would you pick and why? What is the first question you would ask them, and how do you think they would respond?

Once again, we proud to announce that SCA has two finalists in the top 10. Freshman, Emma Robinson, was the second place, winner, selected to receive a $4,500 scholarship. Noteworthy is that Emma’s sister, Bella Robinson, has placed in this contest the last two years. Way to go, Emma!


Sophomore, Therese Prince, was a finalist, selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship. Congratulations, Therese on your ‘Hang’n with St. Joseph’ essay.