St. Catherine of Siena Academy Annual Appeal

About the Annual Appeal 

The Annual Appeal makes up about 20% of the Annual Fund. At the beginning of every school year, the Annual Appeal asks for gifts to help bridge the gap for that school year. Unlike St. Catherine’s events or student fundraiser, the Annual Appeal is ongoing throughout the entire year and gives donors the opportunity to direct their funds to an area that they would like to support. 

Donors can direct funds to six different areas: 

  • Tuition Assistance 
  • Curriculum Enrichment
  • Campus Improvements
  • Athletics 
  • Fine Arts 
  • The Area of Greatest Need

About Pledged Giving

Pledged Giving is an amazing way to give more than you normally would be able to give to St. Catherine while not putting a financial strain on your family. A gift as small as $20 a month will allow you to make an impact on the everyday lives of St. Catherine students. 

Levels of Giving

$1-$99: SCA Friend 

$100-$499: STAR Supporter

$500-$999: Siena Supporter

$1,000-$2,499: Mary Circle

$2,500-$4,999: John Paul II Circle

$5,000+: Catherine Circle

Although there are different levels of giving, each gift is equally cherished by our community. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I donate? 

Donations can be made online, by mail, or in person. Online donations may be made hereIf you would like to mail in a check or cash, please fill out this Annual Fund Donation Form and mail it in with your donation to:

St. Catherine of Siena Academy
Attn: Grace Henning
28200 Napier Road
Wixom, MI 48393

Is there a minimum donation to the Annual Appeal? 

No! The majority of our Annual Appeal is comprised of small donations. Small donations from a large group of donors will make as much of an impact as a single large donation. Giving to the Annual Appeal is not about giving a large amount but giving what you can. There is a minimum donation of $10 if you would like to make your donation online. 

I already pay tuition, isn’t that enough? 

In order to keep a St. Catherine education accessible, tuition does not cover the full cost of educating a student. Tuition revenue for the 2019-2020 school year makes up only 81% of the operating budget of St. Catherine. In order to bridge the gap, we encourage families to give what they can in addition to tuition. 

I give at events, isn’t that enough? 

We appreciate your support at all of our events! However, participation in all areas of the Annual Fund is key to raising enough money for the school. Because events raise only 51% of what needs to be raised, it is essential for all areas to be supported. 

What happens if St. Catherine raises more than its goal? 

Raising more than our goal would be fantastic! This would give St. Catherine flexibility to address needs as they arise both during the year and in the future. 

Are gifts to the Annual Appeal tax deductible? 

Yes! St. Catherine of Siena Academy is a 501 (c) 3 organization. Our tax ID is #90-0530541.


If you have any questions about the Annual Appeal, please contact Grace Henning, Advancement Associate, at (248) 946-4848 x 116 or

“The community service, the focus on virtuous living, and the sisterhood really instills compassion and respect for all of humanity.”

SCA Parent

“An excellent community for families that want to stay involved! Everyone has a different opinion and all students, staff, and faculty are respectful of it. I have never been in an environment that was so inviting and welcoming. It is easy to find a home in this school because the staff genuinely care about you and want you to succeed. It really is a beautiful place and a great experience. I am very lucky to have gone through high school there.”


“Another thing I enjoyed about the school was the athletics. I played four different sports at this school and I had the same experience with all of them. The coaches really cared about me, not just how well I was performing and I was treated respectfully on and off the court. Further more, I felt that I was really being pushed physically and mentally during practice which I value in any activity.”


“My first day of freshman year was something I never expected, Saint Catherines just felt like home. The atmosphere, staff, and the student body were all so amazing. I knew from the second I came to the school that it was where I was meant to be. I am currently a senior and my experience so far has been one too remember I have grown mentally, physically, spiritually and my journey has been one to remember. I love Saint Catherine of Siena and all the girls I have met are truly going to be my sisters throughout my life, its an amazing school and is a place I will call home forever.”

Alumna, Class of '18

“I loved every minute at St. Catherines! The friends I made there will always be a part of my family. This school taught me how to be a strong, intelligent, independent woman who is strong in her faith. I am blessed to say I got to experience SCA.”

Alumna, Class of '18

“This school has a very strong faith atmosphere! The school is fairly new, but is starting to build a name for itself both spiritually and academically. The faculty and staff rock!”

Student, Class of '19

“As a graduate of this school, I can attest to not only the strong education I received from SCA but also the strong foundation I was given in which I could build my own faith upon. I felt fully prepared for the ‘real world’ both academically and spiritually.” 


“My family has had an excellent experience at this school so far. Beyond the beautiful new facility, I have been impressed with the teachers and the administration! They challenge the girls both academically and spiritually, they know them by name, and appear to have a genuine concern for each individual student. The school really feels like a family. As a parent, it is a blessing to me to know that my daughter is in such good hands when I drop her off everyday.”

SCA Parent

“Karen Ervin is a remarkable principal! She is a good administrator, but even more importantly, she is an excellent role model for the students. She is strong, confident, and a woman of tremendous virtue. She is unafraid and doing everything in her power to raise strong, Catholic women who will go out and ‘set the world ablaze’!”

SCA Parent

“SCA is authentically and unapologetically Catholic. It’s excellence in academics and athletics is rooted in its mission to pass on the beauty of the Catholic faith in a way that is relevant to the modern world. The result is a constant focus on the character and virtue of its students, challenging them to be the best version of themselves not just academically, but spiritually as well.”

SCA Parent