St. Catherine of Siena Academy Annual Fund

About the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a part of St. Catherine of Siena Academy’s operating budget that bridges the gap between the true cost of educating a student and tuition revenue. Funds are generated from events, the Student Fundraiser, and the Annual Appeal. Support of the Annual Fund is essential to St. Catherine providing a high quality, well-rounded education to every young woman who attends. A gift to the Annual Fund helps to secure the future of St. Catherine as a school to educate young women in their dignity and worth as daughters of God. To learn more about how to donate to the Annual Fund, please see our specific web pages for the Benefit Gala, Golf Classic, and Annual Appeal. The Student Fundraiser takes place at the end of January and beginning of February every year. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the cost of education the same thing as tuition? 

The cost of educating one St. Catherine student and the rate of tuition are not the same amount. Tuition only covers about 81% of the cost of a St. Catherine education. 15% of this 19% gap is covered through the money raised by the Annual Fund. 

Why does St. Catherine not charge the full cost of education?

St. Catherine wants to remain accessible to every family that would like to provide their daughter with a quality Catholic education. Charging the full cost of education would make St. Catherine inaccessible to many who would choose to send their daughters’ to our school.

Is a tuition gap normal? 

Yes! Most private schools, both secular and religious, have a tuition gap in order to keep their education accessible. 

Who gives to the Annual Fund? 

Teachers, staff, board members, present and past parents, alumnae, and community members contribute to the Annual Fund. Participation by present families is essential to gaining support from outside community members because a gift to the Annual Fund is displays confidence in how the mission is being carried out. 

What has the Annual Fund done for the school? 

The Annual Fund supports St. Catherine in every area. Some examples of things that have been made possible because of the Annual Fund are: repaving the road in front of the school, new classroom technology, expanded class offerings, and so much more! 


For any other questions you can contact Grace Henning, Advancement Associate, at (248) 946-4848 x 116 or

“I LOVE this school. The teachers are excellent. Because the students are so friendly, it’s easy to fit in and make friends even if you have had a tough time at other schools. There is virtually no bullying and it is a very friendly, positive environment. Highly recommended.”

Alumna, Class of '17

“This school is not only college prep, it is life prep. I know that my daughter is being educated to go out and make a positive difference in the world. She will graduate with the confidence and courage to lead wherever she goes in life. I love the principal, the teachers, and the families. It is such a blessing to be a part of the SCA Family. I know the friends my daughter has made will be her sisters for life.”

SCA Parent

“My family has had an excellent experience at this school so far. Beyond the beautiful new facility, I have been impressed with the teachers and the administration! They challenge the girls both academically and spiritually, they know them by name, and appear to have a genuine concern for each individual student. The school really feels like a family. As a parent, it is a blessing to me to know that my daughter is in such good hands when I drop her off everyday.”

SCA Parent

“A crazy amount of extra curricular options-basically if you are passionate about it [SCA] will find a way to help you bring it to fruition!”


“[Teachers] care about the success of each student. They come early to help students and stay after school if necessary. They are a super dedicated faculty.”

SCA Parent

“SCA is authentically and unapologetically Catholic. It’s excellence in academics and athletics is rooted in its mission to pass on the beauty of the Catholic faith in a way that is relevant to the modern world. The result is a constant focus on the character and virtue of its students, challenging them to be the best version of themselves not just academically, but spiritually as well.”

SCA Parent

“Beautiful school!”


“Another thing I enjoyed about the school was the athletics. I played four different sports at this school and I had the same experience with all of them. The coaches really cared about me, not just how well I was performing and I was treated respectfully on and off the court. Further more, I felt that I was really being pushed physically and mentally during practice which I value in any activity.”


“[SCA] builds upon your faith and strengthen you academically throughout the four years in high school so that you are more than ready when you move on to college.”


“The school lives up to their mission statement by unlocking the feminine genius in the girls who go there and providing us with the opportunity to discover who we are meant to be.”


Gala: A Night in Siena

November 9 @ 5:30pm

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